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Is Beirut Safe?


What You Need To Know About Visiting Beirut, Lebanon

Beirut, the capital of the Lebanese Republic, has long been considered by virtue of its strategic location, the crossroads between the three continents of Asia, Africa and Europe, and the Gateway to the East. People are known for their hospitality and great food. Most locals speak Arabic, French and English. Most areas of Beirut have a friendly atmosphere and Beirutis have a reputation for being very polite, friendly, sociable and outgoing. They are used to foreigners in their city and many of them are happy to get to know you and even to show you around the city. Beirut enjoys Mediterranean climate. Come in April to June for warm, dry days and long, cool evenings (15–25°C). Temperatures in July and August rise above 30°C and humidity can be somewhat overwhelming.

You can easily find a hotel in Beirut and walk most places in the downtown Hamra/Achrafiyeh/Gemazieh areas. Taxis can be cheap if you haggle a price beforehand, but be ready to sit in traffic during peak travel hours! You can find dozens of great restaurants in Beirut, with Hamra Street known as one of “the places” to go for a great selection of food. Check out the downtown souk for some traditional shopping, or go walk the sea-side corniche for a nice view of the Mediterranean!

Must-See Places In Beirut, Lebanon:


1- Zaytouna Bay

2-Hamra Street

3- National Museum of Beirut

4- Gemmayzeh Street

5-Pigeon Rocks in Raouche 

6-Place de l’Etoile

7- Nicolas Sursock Museum

8- Banque Du Liban Museum

9-Sanayeh Garden

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