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Zahle Is Safe

Is Zahle Safe?


Zahle, is the capital and the largest city of Beqaa Governorate, Lebanon. With around 50,000 inhabitants, it is the fourth largest city in Lebanon after Beirut, Tripoli and Baalbek, and the fifth largest taking the whole urban area.  Zahle is located 55 km (34 mi) east of the capital Beirut, close to the Beirut…(Read More)

Tyre Is Safe

Is Tyre Safe?


Tyre or Sour in arabic, is a Lebanese city in the South Governorate of Lebanon. Tyre juts out from the coast of the Mediterranean and is located about 80 km south of Beirut. The name of the city means rock after the rocky formation on which the town was originally built. The adjective for Tyre…(Read More)

Is Baalbek Safe

Baalbek is a Lebanese city located in the heart of the Bekaa Valley, surrounded by the eastern and western mountains of Lebanon. It is away from the capital of Beirut about 83 km, and can take about two hours to drive there. Baalbek is best known for its amazing 2,000 year-old Roman-era…(Read More)

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